Zermino's Search for the Fool King

Sovereign Zermino is providing beverages and hors d’oeuvres because he needs you! The decree of the land states that on the First and Second of April, a court fool can take the throne for just one day. This fool must be chosen by all of you, the Knights, Contesses, Cobblers and Wenches! Come cast your vote,  join in spring festivities (live painting, craft booths and dancing for all), and watch skilled dancers dance as the inevitable shenanigans unravel.

Created and Directed by Tara Alperin

Costumes by Carol Alperin, Tara Alperin, Joseph Harrington and Dwain Travis. 

Performance by:  Jenny Alperin, Melanie Hovis, Lauren Parra, Erica Stivison, Dwain Travis, and Lucy Wilson. 

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