1. Buy your tickets. Note: Bringing friends might make it more fun!

2. Find/make/steal an awesome outfit. Extra points if it’s related to the theme of the show (Although it could be more comedic if does not)!

3. Get there a bit early so you can mingle; don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the characters.
- If you’re so inclined, get acquainted with the bar, it can make mingling and dancing more amusing!

4. Okay...the show is in full swing now!
- This is a free for all! Do whatever feels best; stand up and get rowdy OR sit back and watch the story unfold!
- Talk to the characters! They might know information that you don’t.
- If there is something interesting on the other side of the room, feel free to walk over there no matter what’s happening!
- If your drink runneth dry, don't hesitate to go to the bar to refill it, no matter what the people in the center are doing. 

5. Afte r the show go home, dream about it, and wait patiently for the next NunaMaana MixHap!