We Make MixHaps! 

A MixHap is: You walk into a created fantastical world in which you mingle, dance, join activities, eat, drink and enjoy dance, clowning, aerial and acting performance while colorful characters guide you through a story.

The NunaMaana Mission

NunaMaana's misson is to bring groups of people together in a powerful way to share in our human experience and celebration. The medium through which we do this is art. 

Our name speaks to our philosophy about what we do....

NunaMaanaThe name NunaMaana is inspired by indigenous words, speaking to our interest in the long history of celebration through art and social gatherings. Nuna is inspired by a word meaning "child". Our company makes playful things! Maana is inspired by a word meaning “something physical that is imbued with magic”. As artists this is always the goal.