Our Start

One day in April 2014 in an open dance studio, three dancers set out to make a modern dance as their training dictated. They started with some contact improvisation. However, as the sessions progressed the dance had more in common with hip hop, pop jazz, comedy and the circus than it did with modern dance. Before they knew it dancers Jenny Alperin and Lauren Parra were wearing burlap on stage and winking at the audience. After their first performance dancers as well as actors started requesting to be part of the "next project". Director Tara Alperin started developing evening length show concepts and thus NunaMaana was formed.

Since then NunaMaana has developed a style of immersive dance theater. The company creates productions that integrate the audience as part of the created environment, allowing them join in, interact, or observe as they wish. The company's aim is to make wide range of dance styles enjoyable and exhilarating. NunaMaana collaborates with a multitude of artists from costume designers to aerialists to painters in an effort to create an enveloping experience.