All new show Coming Summer 2017 to The Belmont...


Swerve takes classic theatrical storytelling and turns it on its head. There is no stage instead the story unfolds around guests and performers alike.  A man of unknown origins, Portijo, is searching for something of the highest importance. The way to discover who this man is and what he seeks is to follow characters past the bar, into rooms, watching them interact with each other, asking them questions, or sitting back and just observing. Eventually, there is an eruption of sparkles, hip hop dance, contortionists, aerialists, break dancers and above all else, joy. Come be part of why and how.

Join us at the Belmont in downtown Austin to find out why and how all of this happens!

June 30th @ 7:30pm
July 1st @ 730pm
July 1st @ 10pm

Directed by: Tara Alperin
Choreography by: Tara Alperin and Jonas Vezia

Amir Hammoudeh
Caty Mae Yount
Dorian Marquez
Erica Stivison
Jenny Alperin
Laura Mobley
Lauren Parra
Susan Kurth
Sarah Navarette